Whatever style of bicycle, tricycle or unicycle you're looking for, we can help you choose the right bike and then fit you properly. Here are the styles we offer:

                         Road & Touring Bicycles          Mountain Bicycles          Fat Tire Bicycles          Kid's Bicycles and Trikes

                         Hybrid Bicycles                           Cyclocross Cycles            Beach Combers          Adult Tricycles

                         BMX Cycles                                  Fat Tire Cycles                  Motorized Cycles       Unicycles

                         Tandems                                      Comfort Cycles                Triathlon                       Skate Boards & Scooters

Here are logos of just a few more of the 30+ total brands that we offer:

New bicycle sAles

​​Sam's Bike Worx LLC, ("Bike Worx") is, first and foremost, a mobile bicycle service and repair business and, no, we do not have a showroom floor such as that shown in the photo above; we hope to have such a shop someday. However, since our inception, we have contracted with  ten distributors to sell 40 popular brands of virtually all styles of bicycles, adult tricycles and unicycles.